Introduce New Production System

We propose the good selection for production system and equipments precisely to manufacture products better. For customer’s satisfaction we look for all possibilities

Introduce New Production System

We propose the best advanced system for the products

Design for Tooling Die

We coordinate and design for the layout of die ( single stroke die, progressive die, transfer die ) upon the request

Select for Machine Function and Specification

We propose the best manufacturing line according to tooling die specification with material specification

Design and Supply for Individual Quick Set up Device / Equipment

We propose die clamper, die lifter, die change cart, coil car and others with automatic material feeding system to minimize set up time

Automatic Machines

We propose loader/unloader for press machine, as in-line and tandem material transportation machines

Systematize for Full Automation Production and Integration

We propose other equipments for the after stamping process such as tapping machine, degreasing system, quenching system and others as total integrated production system

We grasp each customer’s demands precisely as stable production, productivity up, minimal set up time/down time and labor saving by automation system and propose the best solution to aim integrated production line